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OC & Associates, Hands-on Supoprt
OC & Associates Pte. Ltd. provides hands–on support for a broad range of support services beyond traditional accounting and taxes in Singapore at a fixed monthly fee (example: S$2,500/month for services up to 50 hours a month). Services are also available at an hourly charge based on the volume of work.
  1. Support for starting business in Singapore
  2. Support for setting up an accounting system
  3. Support for accounting work (Accounting bookkeeping, preparing consolidated financial statements, etc.)
  4. Support for financial audits of subsidiaries in Singapore, internal audits, and tax investigations
  5. Support for communication and coordination in Japanese and English
Below are examples of situations when our services might be needed:
  • You have just established a subsidiary in Singapore, and have not been able to employ responsible employees to handle the back–office. Seconded employees are from the sales or the engineering department and are not accustomed to doing accounting or tax work. They are unable to focus on their main job.
  • We are concerned about the high turnover of the local employees and would like to have more stability in operations.
  • The Singapore subsidiary (or the immediate stock holding company) needs to prepare numbers and notes for the parent company's consolidated financial statements (or generate the consolidated financial statements), but no one has the time. Generating financial statements in Singapore is difficult.
  • The external auditor or the members of the corporate internal auditing department are coming to Singapore for some audit work, but the local employees do not speak Japanese. Communication problems are foreseen.
  • You have a shared service center (or a local holding company) in Singapore, but are having trouble communicating with the individuals in charge of each country and region.
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