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OC & Associates, Consulting Service
OC & Associates can provide effective advice to many of your accounting and HR related problems you may have. Our group of experienced professionals allow us to provide easy to understand and accurate advice in various areas.

Assistance in setting up operations

Starting up business in Singapore requires intimate familiarity with local tax and labor legislation. The time it takes your in–house experts to acquire this knowledge costs many times what is required if a professional were to perform the task. OC & Associates has experience assisting in the start up of operations for foreign entities. We can assist you to set up your business expediently and properly.

Internal controls

We can assist in documenting your current internal controls and also offer suggestions on how to strengthen them. Many of our clients have limited resources to implement segregation of duties – we can offer advice on how to maintain a high level of internal controls with minimum personnel.


With OC & Associates Tax Co., we can work with you in resolving FAS109 and FIN48 matters you may encounter with your group auditors.


Our standard hourly rates for consulting services depend on the seniority of the professional you require. Please refer to the table below.
Position Hourly Rates (SGD)
Partner 250–312
Director 200–237
Junior staff 37–56
We are happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact OC & Associates through our website, call us or e–mail us and we'll contact you to set up a free initial consultation.
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